Welcome to the homepage for Aoyagi, a restaurant specializing in Kumamoto cuisine.
Aoyagi opened at the foot of Kumamoto Castle in 1949. We serve kamameshi, sushi, tempura, sashimi, and other Japanese cuisine using fresh seasonal ingredients. Our rooms, which have tatami mats, paper screens, and ikebana flower arrangements, radiate a traditional Japanese atmosphere. We look forward to serving you with warmth and hospitality.

Yasuka Kurahashi, Proprietress

Tel 096-353-0311
Fax 096-311-2807
E-mail aoyagi@aoyagi.ne.jp
1-2-10 Shimotori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi

Lunch: 11:30-14:00 (Last order: 14:00)
Dinner: 17:00-22:00 (Last order: 21:30)
Closed during Obon holidays and Year-end/New Year holidays

The photos used in this menu are a guide. Actual dishes may differ.
GST (consumption tax) is not included in the prices.

Honmaru Set Meal 本丸御膳

The “Kumamoto Retainers’ Book of Recipes” is a recreation of Edo Period meals based on two books: “Ryori Katahi (1803)”, a valuable secret book of Kumamoto dishes; and “Saijiki (1817)”, an early-modern collection of Kumamoto foodstuffs and dishes. At Aoyagi, we have further edited the “Kumamoto Retainers’ Book of Recipes” in order to create the Honmaru Set Meal.

Please be advised that the Honmaru Set Meal is no longer served at Kumamoto Castle because of serious damages caused by The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster. Still, we have started serving at Aoyagi, the main restaurant.

Lunch ¥3,000
Dinner ¥5,000~

Special Banquet “Kaiseki” 会席

Kaiseki is the classic traditional Japanese course meal. We proudly use plentiful fresh Kumamoto ingredients from the mountains and the sea in Kaiseki. Our menu is based on the cuisine served in Kumamoto in the Edo Period.

The ingredients may change because we focus on seasonal themes.

Seasonal Kaiseki 季節会席
using seasonal ingredients.


Chef ’s Recommendations(お薦め)

Higo Aka Gyu Steak 肥後赤牛ステーキ
Kumamoto beef steak (200g)


Nimono 煮物
Today’s fish cooked in sweet soy flavored sauce. The most popular home cooking recipe in Japan.


Grilled Chicken 天草大王塩焼き
Amakusa Daio, The biggest breed of chicken in Japan is grown in local Amakusa.


Konabe 一人小鍋

A hotpot, which is a popular cooking method in Japan, in which you cook vegetables and meat on your dining table in a simmering hot stock of a kind, as you eat.
Please choose from Chicken (Amakusa Daio – locally grown, Japan’s biggest breed of chicken), Beef or Horse meat
(these are a serve for One person).

Japanese Special Beef Shabu Shabu


Japanese Special Beef Sukiyaki(photo)